Whitening Services in Asheboro, NC

Whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure asked about at the dental office. A bright white smile can draw attention and create confidence.

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At Home Whitening Trays

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An alternative option to getting that bright smile is at home whitening trays. Impressions are taken at our office so we can create molds of your mouth. The molds are then used to make customized trays. These trays are then used at night in conjunction with a whitening gel, a gel similar to the In-Office Whitening whitening gel.

This gel is delivered by a dual cartridge system that, when delivered, mixes and activates the gel so it can penetrate the teeth and remove those deep stains and discoloration. These trays are then worn for 30 minutes once or twice a day hours for 2 weeks.The gel can whiten your teeth three to four shades lighter.